Building Telecommunications Networks

Building Telecommunications Networks

Creating bigger networks leads to bigger horizons

Installation of optical fiber networks is part of building telecommunications networks. In order to fully understand optical fiber installation and what it implies, we need to explain what a telecommunications network is. It comprises several different elements, from nodes to links and terminals.

This being said, a telecommunications network is made up of terminal nodes, intermediate nodes and links that ensure communication at distance. Some transmission links connect the nodes together, whereas the intermediate nodes are connected so as to make possible communication between the terminals. Of course, the configuration of a telecommunications network is much more complex. But the basic principles are explained above.

Internet as a Key Telecommunication Network

In the light of what was described above, the internet is a form (if not the most important form) of a telecommunications network. It links computers within computer networks and these computer networks to an international network. It uses the standard Internet protocol suite, which makes all these connections possible.

Now, it is easier to say why implementing optical networking technologies often means the same thing as building telecommunications networks. Fiber optics facilitates access to the global telecommunications network, which is the internet. And installing it reflects the principles of interconnection that are also viable for the World Wide Web.

FiberOne is number one in building telecommunications networks, or, in other words, in bringing the internet to homes and offices.

Peeping into the Actual Work of Building Telecommunications Networks

From the start to the end, implementing optical fiber networks needs careful work and strict observation of the rules. Thus, some prerequisite rules include:

In areas with roads, installations cannot be performed if they block vehicles traffic or put in danger the security of cars flow. For implementation of underground networks, our experts must mark the networks route.

The Steps of Execution, for Building Telecommunications Networks

Taking care of all rules and restrictions, FiberOne team is trained to perform fiber optics installations, in several distinct steps:

Each step is responsible for the successful installation of fiber optics and for providing internet access to the end user. So each step has to be done carefully, under strict supervision. And each step is brought to a close successfully. The result is a perfectly running system and successful building of a new telecommunications network.