Fast Internet in Every Area

Fast Internet

Fast Internet Everywhere

A major concern for internet providers, speed has been for long at the centre of their preoccupations. Thus, studies have shown how much bandwidth is needed for typical activities that require an internet connection. And studies have rapidly driven internet providers to think of better ways to serve clients in their typical activities, and much more.

The Place Fast Internet Occupies in the Internet Speed Classifications

When it comes to classifying internet as slow, fast or ultra-fast, terms can be vague. Therefore, we considered it important to mention in a few words the features of each type of connection speed. Thus, every residential or corporate client can easily identify which internet connection type they have. And thus, they can claim for more, or be content with what their provider offered them.

Slow Internet

Dial-up and even satellite internet are deemed to be the slowest internet connections. It takes long to download a website page and all other activities requiring an internet connection are hardened. Although they are no longer an option for many towns, in rural areas, dial-up is still a form of internet many providers offer to their customers.

That is why FiberOne is implied in a nationwide program, known as the RO-NET PROJECT, which consists in building a broadband national structure. It helps providing access of fast internet, TV services and phone services to disadvantaged areas within the country.

Fast Internet

Cable internet or DSL is another form of internet service. It ensures uploading and downloading to be fast. However, at peak hours, speed might be lowered, which causes some trouble and unpleasant experiences. The benefits of fast internet are none compared with the latest form of high-speed internet, or fiber-optic internet.

Ultra-Fast Internet

In terms of speed, fiber-internet can range up to 500 Mbps. Uploading or downloading photos and photo albums, music, movies or TV shows is simpler than ever. It is simpler than it has always been. And this is what FiberOne cares about regarding all clients' internet packs. We want to bring this ultra-fast internet facility to every company headquarters, and to every home.

As we set up this project, we are glad to find partnerships that help us achieve this ambitious goal. We are fully aware that together, you, our future partner, and FiberOne, we will reach the self-imposed targets.

Do WE Need Ultra-Fast Internet, after all?

Depending on what particular activities every internet user deploys, the speed needed for successfully performing them may vary. Here are some figures demonstrating it:

What needs our attention is that the set of activities may change over time, and the bandwidth has to be extended. Taking into account the general advice to choose faster internet than the service needed for current usages, FiberOne started to play its role. It plays a major role within a market that still has to develop. Internet through fiber optic surpasses the well-known speed, allowing all internet users to do more in less time. And FiberOne brings it to the customers, efficiently, guaranteed.