Fiber Cut and Damage Repair

Fiber Cut

Stop malicious interventions or unwanted issues!

Fiber optic networks are usually safer than other networks types. They are protected against harsh weather conditions, if installed outdoors. And they have protection against different kinds of damage, if installed indoors. In spite of this protection, it may happen to optical cables to be cut. Mistakenly or on purpose, fiber cut is a major problem for all customers. It can block internet access, stop TV service or affect the phone connection.

Fortunately, the maintenance service implies rapid interventions in such unpleasant situations. Installing optical fiber comes together with maintenance activities, for the whole duration of the contract.

A Fiber Cut Has Just Occurred. What Should Be Done?

Accidental breaks in optical fiber, far from frequent, are never excluded. It happens. And telecommunications services are severely impacted.

Usually, this happens because of new constructions in the area. Fiber cut accidents are possible to come up, when digging under streets or excavating. By mistake, some optical cables might be broken. Another scenario is that some malicious interventions are deployed in an area, and fiber optic is deliberately cut. Although rare, these situations must also be taken into consideration.

Whatever the case, the effects are annoying. Especially if a whole network is impacted. Fiber cuts cause outages and break communication channels. All customers in an area can suffer from service disruption. With fiber cuts, their routine is disturbed, work habits are interrupted, and entertaining activities stop completely.

FiberOne has thought about this and developed a plan for solving fiber cut issues. Fill in a contact form, drop a mail or simply call us, and we do our best to solve the issue in no time. Our team is permanently on guard and ready to go to the premises, for quick service restoration.

Moreover, periodic controls prevent these issues from happening. At least half of fiber cuts are stopped before happening, due to constant watching of the telecommunications networks. Our motto is "Better prevent than cure".

FiberOne Guarantees Damage Repair

Once the fiber network installed, every customer got an extra service from FiberOne. For we anticipate some errors in the system, caused by accidents such as fiber cuts. And we included in every contract the troubleshooting and maintenance service.

On the one hand, the team is constantly prepared to repair damage. Depending on how serious the damage is, we are working to correct the issue. The service is restored as soon as possible and people can confidently return to their business.

On the other hand, our daily activities include permanent watching of the good, optimal functioning of fiber optic networks. From time to time, several workers in FiberOne team are busy with periodic inspections. With the goal to track and monitor the optimal network operation, connections are minutely checked. All is performed as specified in the contract.

Choosing to work with us is not only a one-time collaboration. It means long-term partnerships, installation and maintenance included.

If you have any question about how FiberOne deals with fiber cuts, do not hesitate to ask us. We will be prompt in answering it explicitly.