Fiber Junction: Services Provided by FiberOne

Fiber Junction

Fiber Junction is more than this

Building fiber networks, as well as performing service and maintenance, implies several types of activities. Naturally, creating telecommunications networks is not enough. Continuous monitoring backs up the system, which has to be up and running, at every moment. Both works starting from scratch and projects under maintenance are split into smaller activities. Needless to say, every such action requires maximum attention, precision in handling the tools, and care for the results. Only a team of specialists is able to do all that well. And FiberOne team does it successfully.

Operations Developed by the Team

One important part of all operations success is teamwork. The different, daily deployed activities have to bring together team members who cooperate for optimal results. One's efforts are doubled by a senior's good advice and so on. Micro-teams, consisting of two or more people, are named for performing this and that.

Divided into smaller or larger teams, our specialists manage to cover a vast area of telecommunications. They are and will always be on the premises, in case of outage or some unexpected errors. The right team, at the right moment, in the right place!

Let's see an overall picture of the distinct activities performed by FiberOne on a daily basis:

The Activity of Fiber Junction

Among them, fiber junction plays an important role. Hence, we considered it necessary to mention it first. For easy understanding, imagine that fiber junction is made using fiber connectors. An optical fiber connector terminates the end of an optical fiber, and enables quicker connection. The cores of fibers align in a way that light can pass through.

Notice that there are plenty of connector types. Just to make you an idea, we go into some details regarding the most important fiber connector types:

  1. ST Connector - a slotted bayonet type connector

  2. SC Connector - a push/pull type connector

  3. FC Connector - a slotted screw-on type connector

  4. FDDI Connector - a push/pull type dual connector

  5. SMA Connector - a slotted screw-on type connector

  6. Biconic Connector - a screw-on type connector

  7. Mini-BNC Connector - a bayonet style connector

  8. MTRJ Connector - a new RJ style connector

  9. ST Feedthru - a slotted bayonet type feedthru

10. FDDI Feedthru - a push/pull type feedthru

11. SC Feedthru - a push/pull type feedthru

12. FC Feedthru - a slotted screw-on type feedthru

With so many connector types, team members' expertise needs to keep up with all the new technical aspects. We just wanted you to be able to imagine the level of expertise required for each and every member of FiberOne. If eager to find out more, drop a message and we will share with you: information, expertise, hard work and good results.