High-Speed Internet Providers. How to Spot Them

High-Speed Internet Providers

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Permanent access to the internet has become a service all of us need and we can't do without. In the information era, constant access to bits of information is vital. The mere access to this service is not, however, enough. Technology evolves at a rapid pace, and the need for quality internet services does it, too.

Everyone Should CHOOSE the Best Internet Provider

The background for information technology evolution should already give all of us the chance to select the preferred internet provider. Although it is not always the case, FiberOne thought about giving away some tips that might prove useful. To put it plainly, there are several criteria to follow when selecting the internet provider. Here they are:

  • Speed - logging to the internet, data traffic, download and upload should run as fast as possible.
  • Flexibility - the internet service package should match the daily user needs.

Obviously, the internet speed is one main criterion in determining the best internet provider to choose. It remains to check their service availability in certain areas and the internet access set up is almost done.

Some Helpful Statistics

In case you worry, please don't. For some time already, our country has been outstanding other foreign providers regarding internet speeds. And high-speed internet service costs stay competitive.

On average, high-speed internet providers over the country offer the following:

For a user to enjoy these benefits, the computer has to meet some standards:

Intel processor I7 2,2Ghz (4 CORE), RAM: 4GB, Hard Disk: SSD, Gigabyte network card. Microsoft Windows 7, Linux, MacOS.

The internet providers are more than interested in offering high-quality services. They compete in providing significantly better speeds than the usual traffic speed used by clients.

How to Take Profit out of these Competitive Services

High-speed internet providers in Romania are directly involved and responsible for their services optimization. According to European guidelines, all Europe people should have access to internet running at up to 30 Mbps, until 2020. The same guidelines set the expectancies that at least 50% of European homes should have internet connections of more than 100 Mbps.

Following this direction, FiberOne shares some advice with everyone interested in getting the best service. We tell corporate clients and domestic users how to check the speed of a current internet provider. Depending on the results, and comparing them with the targeted speed, everyone can determine the optimal speed of the internet service. Netograf.ro offers for free the application that makes the measurements and shows the figures.

If the findings are below the expectations, users should claim better services, from better packages of their internet provider or from a different provider.

FiberOne will help make the transition to another provider. We ensure highest-speed services, by installing fiber optics internet. And we provide guaranteed technical support.