High-Speed Internet throughout the Country

High-Speed Internet

Green Light for High-Speed Internet

Due to a special initiative of FiberOne, the benefits of a high-speed internet service will soon be spread all over the country. Our team is already working in partnership with well-known providers in order to set up the network that is needed to support fast internet services. And we have already expanded the fiber optics network over several counties, besides Bucharest.

What Means Fiber Optics for the Internet?

Everybody is familiar with the term: high-speed internet has been and still remains a desire for all domestic or corporate clients. It comprises a bunch of pros that are not diminished by any drawbacks.

Now, have in mind that the high-speed internet we are talking about has been surpassed by internet through fiber optics. The latest trend in installing fast internet, fiber optics internet makes the connections even faster, with all the advantages that derive from it.

What Means, in Fact, a Much Faster Internet?

Well, the answer to a question that many of us asked at least once is simple: fiber optics internet, that is the equivalent for a faster connection than high-speed internet, means two major things.

On the one hand, it means the clue to avoiding some unpleasant outages. On the other hand, it means the key to increasing the advantages that one can take out of internet connections.

Of course, some explanations deserve a little space here, regarding these two aspects.

Avoiding Unpleasant Issues

In short, high-speed internet through fiber optics makes buffering, shuttering and pauses a thing of the past.

We all had the unpleasant experience of being interrupted just in the middle of working, writing, counting, listening to the music, watching something, speaking or other activities that require an internet connection. We all know the discomfort such a thing supposes. All the recovery efforts speak for themselves.

With fiber optics internet, not only are these unfortunate experiences gone, but also they are not even known by future internet users.

Fastest Upload and Download Speed

How fast is it, in fact? Downloading hundreds of songs, 120-minutes movies or TV shows become as simple as that. And if curious about more precise figures about download and upload time required, FiberOne has surely a precise answer to it.

After all, FiberOne is here to ensure the final clients can do more in less time, with a high-speed internet connection. And we are here to support this, in fact, with a higher-speed internet service.

How Can I Become FiberOne's Partner?

All that you need is contact us. You can contact us by phone, by mail or via the form on the website. Shortly after a discussion regarding the terms of the collaboration, FiberOne is ready to implement a new project.

As setting up high-speed internet is both your goal and our goal, we are glad to contribute to your project's becoming a reality.

Sharing the same aspirations as you, please be ensured that FO FiberOne is always available for setting the path to a project success.