The FO FiberOne Company History

FiberOne is a young company that developed within a short space of time due to the expertise of its team members. We started with projects over Bucharest and we became an authority in telecommunications and fiber optics installation.

Initially part of the Danirom companies group, FiberOne followed a constant path to high performance. We built upon a solid experience and we are now FiberOne, owing to a team of experts sharing the same objectives. The team spirit and the readiness to fulfill projects in due time make our team members able to carry on the name of FiberOne.

The partnerships with well-known companies in the telecommunications area prove our employees' skills and the added value we provide.

Among our partners, we mention:

All these companies proved to us, ever since FiberOne was founded, that new projects in the field are possible. It is possible to start with smart projects, and to achieve the goals. Their trust determined us to continue and expand the activity area to the entire country.

Any new partnership proposal for fiber optics installation is carefully analyzed by our team. FiberOne puts to work the newest implementation methods, and manages the project from start to finish, responsibly.

Every project and collaboration has been treated as an important step in the company development process. We have done our best to achieve excellence and turn FiberOne into the company it is now.

We have added in our portfolio many other clients, up to the present. We thank them warmly.

They are clients who helped us write the history of FiberOne. They are clients we invite to further collaboration and to sharing with us the same path to success.