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Internet Access

Nobody can afford to lose internet access

Internet access has turned into such a common service that we merely think of it. It comes without saying that we benefit from access to the internet every day, each and every hour of work, or of fun. Once we turn on the device, the internet is one click away from our personal research. Be it for fun, information purposes or hard efficient work. So, there's no mistake in naming the internet in 2017 as the pervasive support for pretty much all of the activity on a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

That is what fuelled FiberOne team in their quest for maximum efficient activity dedicated to IT users.

Let's dive deeper into what providing internet access throughout the country meant to FO FiberOne.

All Started from One Simple Question

At the dawn of the internet era, issues like internet connection break down were certainly more frequent. As such problems piled up, an obsessive question arose. What's in it for us, actually, having permanent internet access? Well, the World Wide Web technology is a real gateway to the world. And it is here to stay. Information at all its levels can be accessed through the internet. All that crosses one's mind can be searched for, and learned about.

This means the basic condition to develop personal knowledge starting from all those pieces of information is to have internet access. It really answers questions; it undoubtedly raises other questions from plain truth statements.

Such important aspects began to be dealt with by the first members of the FiberOne team.

How We Discovered the Best Method of Providing Internet Access

As we all know, there are several internet connection types, with their corresponding particularities. Wireless, Mobile, Hotspots, Dial-Up, Broadband, DSL, Cable, Satellite and ISDN are the well-known internet connection types.

What about the FTTH technology? FO (Fiber Optics) FiberOne was one of the first players on this internet providers market, to understand the importance of high speed internet. As the technology became implemented across Bucharest, as well as the rest of the country, people could become aware of the advantages of internet access through fiber optics. A modern structure has thus been put in place, for the best solution of internet access, through optical fiber.

The Role We Play in Ensuring Day-to-Day Internet Access

In order to understand the major role FiberOne has been playing in creating and maintaining this modern structure, we invite you to see it as an ongoing partner of all its clients. Losing internet access is something that you abhor. And troubleshooting, or simply making you gain internet access in a different way, is FiberOne's job. And FiberOne does it the best.

As at any time, at every moment, everyday, you will have internet access (first condition to keep up with all the news and needed information). Remember, you can be one of our clients any time. And one of our partners.