A Mission to Make the Best Internet Option Possible

Internet Options

Which of them runs better?

From the very beginning, FO FiberOne chose to face a problem acknowledged as such all over the country. Limited internet options have become obsolete as time has passed, but competitive data transmission packs have also found their place on the Romanian market. We expanded our mission from the Bucharest area to other places. Târgovişte, Vălenii de Munte, Tărtăşeşti, Mizil are only a minor part of the project FiberOne got involved in. The RO-NET project targets a lot of Romanian cities and towns, as well as rural areas, in its decision to expand fiber optics services.

Available Internet Options

In order to determine why FiberOne works for delivering the best internet service possible, let us compare it to other internet options.

The main internet options for broadband data transmission are the following:

1. DSL - internet access is provided through telephone lines. It is usually a service offered by the phone companies in an area they serve.

2. Cable internet - internet access is provided through cables that mainly serve TV services. Integrated into the same infrastructure as that used for television services, cable internet is usually offered by cable TV service companies.

3. Fiber Optics internet - it is a modern, ultra-fast and efficient internet option. Such services have lately begun to spread over the country, due to their major advantages. The service has something particular in that the same fiber optics line can deliver internet access, as well as TV services and home telephone.

Fiber Optics Internet - Is It the Best Internet Option?

Judging by the speed it ensures for download and upload, by the low costs its installation implies, and by the easy-to-maintain optical fiber (once installed), Fiber Optics seems to be the best internet option. FiberOne has made it its mission to bring high-quality internet services to every home and office. The development of the optical fiber network is currently being accelerated, as we work in partnership with more and more providers and bring more and more installation projects to their end.

Best Internet Option in Romania or Just in International Markets?

Internet usage and data consumption are increasing, and thus make the Romanian market a highly competitive medium for internet options providers. If we believe what industry analysts say, the telecommunications market and demand can easily be compared with the international ones. And some dare to say it even outpaces other foreign markets.

In this light, we see the expansion of efficient, high-speed internet service options as more than benefic for an increasingly demanding market.

As consumers tend to be up to date with the latest technologies, FiberOne and its partners are honored to keep the pace with the existing requirements of Romanians.