Optical Fiber Measurement

Optical Fiber Measurement

What technology do we use for optical fiber measurement?

The work of fiber optics installation could not be possible without mastering some technical aspects. FiberOne has specialists that know the ins and outs of installing telecommunications networks. All of them can admit that optical fiber measurement is one of the most important technical aspects of the job.

Not only are measurements needed for proper installation, but also they are vital for the good functioning of the system after installation. The company is equipped with cutting-edge tools destined to optical fiber measurement. Its team members are equipped with up-to-date expertise needed for measurements prior to installation. Combined, equipment and expertise result in a successful construction of optical fiber networks.

Types of Measurements

We have to specify that there are two types of measurements needed: those performed in the laboratories and those performed on the premises, when installation takes place. After setting up a section of optical fiber cable, our specialists need to find the values of two dimensions affecting the transmission: attenuation and reflection.

How exactly do we find those values? The measurements are possible either using the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) or using the powermeter. For technical reasons, FiberOne team uses the first method.

About the OTDR

For optical fiber measurement with the OTDR, an optical impulse is transmitted through an installed cable, whereas the device calculates the fraction of light reflected back. By comparing the quantity of light reflected at different times, the device can determine signal loss through the fiber, junctions and connectors.

As you can see, OTDR helps experts set up the optical networks in a flawless manner. A great part of possible errors are eliminated right from the start.

On a screen, the OTDR device shows the reflected optical signal as a length function. The specialists can thus analyze the evolution of attenuation, taking into account the length of the optical section. Detection of possible interruptions or damage occurred on the route can easily be performed.

If the device shows an abrupt change down the light pulse path, we already have the alert concerning imperfections in the network. In case of a breach caused by connectors or improper junction, the device shows exactly the place where the issue appears.

About the Powermeter

We also included a brief description of optical fiber measurements with the powermeter. For the sake of comparison, we will tell you a little about these measurements types.

The device named powermeter is recommended for short sections of optical cable, usually sections of under 50 m. It is also useful for calculating the attenuation and reflection, which indicate losses in transmission. In order to perform the operation, workers need to know the connector types. The measurements have to be done at both ends of the cable section.

Our team members work mainly with OTDR devices. Such tools are equipped with features easy to be adjusted to the needs for new architectures and high-speed optical fiber networks.

FiberOne takes pride in using such modern equipment and manipulating devices with the dexterity of experimented team members.

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