Optical Fiber Networks, Built by FiberOne

Optical Fiber Networks

The aim of FiberOne is to create ampler networks (optical fiber networks)

Welcome to our page about fiber optics telecommunications. If you expect us to describe in short what precisely we do, and how exactly things get done right there in the streets, you are in the right place. Because we think it necessary to let people see the way we work. Not only the technical part, but also the professional approach we embrace. We tell you a little about how optical fiber networks are built, from plan to implementation and results. And we try to provide a clear description of the business and particular activities of it. Transparency is something we much value and appreciate. That's the reason you are reading this page.

How Optical Fiber Networks Are Being Built, Step by Step

In some cases, we start from scratch. A new project implies building a new fiber network, and the plan must be observed thoroughly. Technical specifications must be applied as such, under the terms of the contract.

FiberOne has the role of implementing the project, with the clear purpose of bringing it to life appropriately. The activities are carefully managed, while the drive for performance succeeds in keeping up the quality standards we observe.

Bit by bit and step by step, each new project takes shape:

In order to accurately perform all these operations, we use the latest tools destined to the telecommunications area. Cutting-edge equipment is constantly acquired by the team, for us to prepare in case of any type of intervention.

From Execution Projects to Service and Maintenance

Upon request, individual activities of the types mentioned above can be dealt with, besides building entire optical fiber networks. A complete set of modern tools gives us the possibility to work efficiently on the spot, and deliver optimal results. No matter how minor a certain requested activity might seem, our team members treat it responsibly and in all seriousness. Measuring or testing optical cables, preparing and connecting cables, installing fiber optics cables indoors or outdoors, are a few examples of activities one might request from us. The answer and the work won't be late in exceeding the expectations.

Apart from punctual operations, FiberOne is always on guard for quick interventions. Whenever an outage occurs, impacting large areas of telecommunications service delivery, FiberOne specialists are there to repair it. We identify the problem in no time, due to solid expertise. And we solve the issue in the shortest time space, due to high-quality equipment.

Working for a Better Future

We believe that the flawless execution of installations, service and maintenance place all of us (specialists and customers) one step further to a better world. A world where telecommunications connect people in a matter of seconds, owing to devices working properly and efficiently.

Choosing to be our partner is choosing to vote for progress!