FiberOne and The RO-NET Project

The RO-NET Project

All challenges and difficulties are light as a feather, to us

We are proud to speak about the RO-NET Project. As an active participant in the project, FiberOne plays an important role in extending the telecommunications network nationwide. RO-NET implies building a national broadband structure over disadvantaged areas. Its main beneficiary is the Minister for Informational Society.

What the project supposes and which are the implications for FiberOne are some things we deem necessary to share with you in the following lines.

The Starting Point

For a clear presentation of the project and its development process, we need to count it back to 2012. At that time, some "white areas" without access to the internet were spotted throughout the country. To cover them with telecommunications services, the RO-NET project took shape. Its main goal was to cover disadvantaged zones all over Romania, especially rural zones, with internet access, TV and telephone services.

Four years have passed since the beginning of this ample project, and the results have become obvious. Progress has been recorded as to the implementation of the project. Due to companies like FiberOne, changes were made possible. And from possible, they turned to real. An undeniable reality, a much improved one, whose end beneficiaries are lots of people.

The Implications and Outcomes

The implementation and the whole process of turning a project into reality needed support. Thus, UE funds have sustained it from the very beginning. And the results have started to prove the investment usefulness.

At the end of 2016, 783 small towns and villages (mainly rural areas) had broadband internet. Above 400 000 individuals benefited from internet services and now enjoy being part of a telecommunications network. Web surfing, news reading, social connecting and other facilities are at hand, for hundreds of people.

The project included, from the start, installation of 4 500 km of optical fiber in rural areas, either in aerial networks or underground. Part of the optical cables was installed on the already existing infrastructure, and part of them was integrated within a brand new infrastructure.

As a result, inhabitants of the respective areas can now reach the internet and make the most of it.

FiberOne was among the early adopters of the RO-NET project, because we realized its utmost importance. With this in mind, the team experts have been working hard to implement it responsibly.

Overall Picture

If we were to define the importance of the RO-NET project in several words, it would sound like this:

Installing fiber optics networks and bringing the internet to disadvantaged homes equals in importance the electricity coverage in isolated rural zones. The means, money, expertise and willingness to implement the project must not be obstacles. Internet access for such areas is only a matter of time.

Another important role that RO-Net plays: it reduces the development gap among different areas within the country, and levels household prosperity in various geographic locations.

FiberOne has been and continues to be a key player in the successful implementation of optical fibers. The team believes in its usefulness, and is ready to do its best to fully accomplish the RO-NET project.