TV Services through Fiber Optics

No signal?

The well-known providers of internet, TV and home phone services have already begun their collaboration with FiberOne. As data transmission services through optical fiber has its advantages one can hardly deny.

What Are Fiber Optics TV Services?

Starting from the particularities of fiber optics communication, here is the basic definition: data transmission services use this method of sending information from one point to another by pulses of light through an optical fiber.

Common, broadly used cable television was based on analog transmission. Data was sent to TV set one-way, through coaxial cable. With the development of fiber optics TV, things have changed. Each point is connected to a terminal by using a dedicated optical fiber. The tuner connected with each individual customer TV set is stationed in the remote terminal. The signals for the selection of a channel are sent over the fiber from the customer location to the remote terminal. The single selected channel is the only channel transmitted over the fiber from the remote terminal to the associated TV set.

Fiber Optics TV versus Common TV Services

It comes without saying that this brand new technology amplifies the quality and signal of TV transmissions. From the accuracy of the pictures to the clarity of the sounds, going through the large channel options it provides, fiber optics TV is by far the best TV service.

It helps avoiding outages and secures high-quality transmission of data through various channel options.

What All Need to Know about Fiber Optics TV

FiberOne assures you that costs of maintaining fiber optics cables are reduced. And what is more, the TV services prove to be superior to cable TV. For a lower price, higher quality of TV shows transmission. All is due to implementing Fiber Optics TV, in multiple projects, at the initiative of FiberOne.

There might be a single charge for all devices that benefit from fiber optics data transmission. TV services, internet access and home phone services are offered at a single cost, depending on the local area provider.

Partnerships for Fiber Optics TV

FiberOne, as key initiator of projects with many benefits to the end user, is looking for partnerships. The team is looking forward to hearing from future partners, all wanting to expand their Fiber Optics TV networks. Working with us, you only have to enjoy your success. Advantageous data transmission packs will be widespread, and Fiber Optics will not be late in showcasing its undeniable benefits.

Benefits to Customers

Besides the prominent benefits of Fiber Optics TV services, there are also some less visible ones. Although less visible, they are all the more important to the end users. Maybe few of you know that the optical fiber is less sensitive to harsh weather, water, moisture, etc. Also, few know that the optical fiber does not transfer any electricity. Easier to install, it implies lesser costs and higher profits for the TV service users.